Automatic Propane Delivery or Will Call?

Written on: September 26, 2022

Delaware Propane has two excellent fuel delivery options

propane delivery delawareToday, Delaware families have many options for their fuel delivery. At Delaware Propane, we pride ourselves on being a full-service home comfort provider. If your home’s heat, hot water, or major appliances rely on propane, we can deliver fuel to your home — and top-quality service!

Unlike some of the cash-on-delivery discounters out there, we believe in providing propane delivery options to our customers. That way, you can find a fueling option that meets your particular needs. We offer both Will Call and Keep-Full automatic delivery.

But which choice is best for your home?

How does automatic delivery work?

Automatic delivery programs like Delaware Propane’s Keep-Full option take all the stress out of fuel delivery. You no longer need to check the gauge on your propane tank, and you won’t have to remember to call us when you need a refill.

Here’s how automatic delivery works:

Automatic delivery is the best option for homeowners with crucial, fuel-intensive systems that depend on propane, like furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. If you need propane for your heat and hot water, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Keep-Full automatic delivery service. It’s free of charge and guarantees you never run out!

How does will call delivery service work?

Some customers prefer to schedule their own deliveries, so we also offer Will Call service. With Will Call, you monitor your tank level and contact us via our website or by phone when your tank is about 30 percent full.

Will Call propane delivery is a good option for people with only a couple of non-essential appliances that use propane.

What is wireless propane tank monitoring?

Some households have less consistent fuel usage. This could be because their home isn’t occupied all year round or because they have frequent visitors that cause sporadic increases in propane use. It can be challenging to plan automatic deliveries in these circumstances accurately, so we recommend taking advantage of wireless tank monitoring.

Delaware Propane’s monitors use wireless and cellular technology to keep track of your propane supply in real-time. When the monitor detects that your tank has reached a predetermined level, Delaware Propane is notified. Then, we make delivery before you get too low.

Our technicians can install a tank monitor in a matter of minutes, and you’ll have total peace of mind going forward. We also recommend wireless tank monitors for owners of rental properties or hosts on VRBO and Airbnb. They’ll ensure that your renters and guests never run out of fuel.

We’re ready to set you up with the perfect propane delivery for your home. Become a Delaware Propane Customer today.

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