Propane Appliances for Commercial Kitchens

Written on: June 12, 2023

Restaurants, hotels, resorts, hospitals and schools trust propane gas for their cooking needs.

commercial propane Kent county, de At Delaware Propane, we’re proud to deliver commercial propane to a range of businesses and public entities. Many of these customers count on our fuel not only for heating but also to power appliances in their kitchens. These customers include:

Propane provides affordable, reliable and energy-efficient power for a range of commercial kitchen appliances. These gas-fired products regularly outpace their electric counterparts.

How do commercial kitchens use propane?

One industry survey found that 96 percent of professional chefs prefer gas cooking. Propane appliances can provide functionality that electrical products can’t, including flame-assisted high cooking temperatures, grilling and broiling. Some popular commercial kitchen appliances include:

Energy Star-certified propane equipment offers some of the best energy savings around. Plus, these are long-lasting appliances. They have life cycles of eight years and more.

And you get all this high performance without relying on a natural gas or electricity utility. If there’s a grid outage or utility shutdown, you can feel confident that your propane range will still fire up thanks to your dedicated on-site propane tank.

How do propane water heaters compare to electric options?

Commercial kitchens also rely on a steady supply of hot water to wash dishes, cutlery, pots and pans. When deciding on the right water heater for your business, it’s a good idea to consider the hot water recovery rate. This metric tells you how many gallons of hot water a unit can produce in one hour. Propane water heaters typically have about double the recovery rate of electric units. That means you can count on more dependable hot water for your commercial kitchen without a huge energy cost.

What other propane appliances do these food-serving businesses use?

Many of the businesses and municipalities with commercial kitchens that Delaware Propane serves have a range of other propane appliances.

Restaurants, hotels and resorts improve their ambiance and guest experiences with propane hearths and firepits. They extend their outdoor dining season with propane patio heaters.

Hotels, hospitals and assisted living facilities count on propane to power efficient commercial-grade dryers for their towels, uniforms and linens.

Medical facilities and schools can’t afford to shut down when there’s a power outage in the area. So, they trust propane-powered backup generators to keep the lights (and life-saving equipment) on!

Delaware Propane keeps your commercial kitchen cooking!

From New Castle to Seaford and Dover to Lewes, Delaware Propane has been reliably delivering the fuel businesses need to light up their stoves, fryers, grills and steam tables. We’re ready to help your commercial kitchen run efficiently with manageable fuel costs.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Delaware Propane’s industry-leading service, contact us today to join our growing roster of happy customers.