Our Budget Plan Helps You in Volatile Markets

Written on: May 23, 2022

A Monthly Budget Cuts Your Winter Expenses and Adds Predictability

propane prices delawareWhether you’re filling your car’s gas tank or receiving an invoice for your home’s propane delivery, there’s no denying that energy prices are on the rise. The conflict in Ukraine sent shockwaves through markets, and all energy rates are spiking.

At Delaware Propane, we understand how stressful this situation is. We are always thinking about what we can do to make these volatile economic times less painful for our First State customers. No one knows for certain when fuel prices will decrease again, but in the meantime, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our Budget Plan.

How Our Budget Plan Works

When you sign up for our Budget Plan, you no longer need to pay for your propane in full on delivery. Instead, we calculate how much fuel you will likely use over the course of the year and spread your fuel costs across 11 stable, predictable monthly installments.

Benefits of the Delaware Propane Budget Plan

The purpose of our Budget Plan is to shield customers from fluctuations in their fuel billing. We know that bulk propane bills can be painful, and they often arrive at inconvenient times, like the holidays and tax time.

That’s why taking advantage of our Budget Plan is so worthwhile in a volatile market. By spreading out your payments evenly, your winter expenses are cut virtually in half. Additionally, you’ll reduce uncertainty in your household spending. No more wondering how much the next delivery invoice will be — you’ll have the same fuel payment each month.

And if the actual cost of the propane you use is higher or lower than what we estimated, we’ll adjust your plan accordingly. You will only pay the cost of the fuel you received at the market price on the days you received it — not a dime more.

If you’ve had enough unpleasant billing surprises, the Delaware Propane Budget Plan is for you. You can contact us to enroll in a Budget Plan, and we can also discuss other ways you can reduce your home energy spending and make payments more easily.