How To Refill A Propane Tank

Written on: September 11, 2023

We have propane cylinders for grilling, RVs and outdoor amenities.

grill tank refill delaware Fall is around the corner in Delaware, but grill season remains in full force. Outdoor chefs from Kenton to Milton prefer propane to fuel their barbecues. There are countless advantages to having a propane grill:

To enjoy all this convenience and ease of use, you need a reliable supply of premium fuel. That’s where Delaware Propane comes in. We’re the most trusted propane provider in the First State.

What kind of tank does your grill use?

By and large, freestanding propane grills are designed for 20-pound propane cylinders. You can attach a larger portable tank to most grills, but the storage compartment is typically meant for a 20-pound cylinder. This size is commonly available at grill tank exchanges at hardware stores, gas stations and other businesses.

A 20-pound propane cylinder will provide about 18 to 20 hours of cooking on a medium-size grill.

What else are portable propane cylinders used for?

Grilling is certainly not the only use for a portable propane tank. These cylinders also power:

In addition to these residential uses, many manufacturing centers, warehouses, construction sites and distribution centers use forklifts powered by propane cylinders.

What should you do when your propane cylinder runs out?

When you need more propane for your grill, there are two options: refill your cylinder or exchange it for a full tank.

In pretty much every scenario, refilling your cylinder is more affordable than exchanging it. You avoid restocking fees and other charges, and Delaware Propane makes it even easier and more affordable.

You can visit our office at 2443 S. DuPont Blvd. in Smyrna, DE, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for the most affordable grill tank refill in the area. Refills cost $20 Monday through Thursday, and on Friday, they’re only $15! *

Delaware Propane is a full-service home comfort provider.

If you use propane for multiple systems and appliances in your home — including home heating, hot water, cooking and drying clothes — then Delaware Propane can keep you supplied with premium fuel. We offer affordable tank leasing (with no charge for swapping out) and no-fee Keep-Full automatic propane delivery. You’ll enjoy total peace of mind in your home fuel supply.

Reach out to our team today to join the family of Delaware Propane customers.

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