Propane Heat for Your Commercial Building

Written on: February 12, 2024

Propane furnaces and boilers offer exceptions and efficient heat.

commercial propane heating New Castle County, DE From intimate boutiques and moderately-sized eateries to multi-story office buildings and large manufacturing facilities, there’s a wide variety of commercial buildings that need dependable HVAC solutions.

When temperatures drop in New Castle County and elsewhere in our service region, the commercial propane team at Delaware Propane finds itself delivering bulk fuel to many properties. Without our propane, patrons and employees would not have a warm, safe environment in these commercial buildings.

Here are four reasons that businesses love propane heating.

Propane Heating Equipment is Efficient.

Propane generates a robust 91,452 British thermal units (Btu) of heat per gallon. This allows today’s commercial propane furnaces to have heating capacities ranging from 44,000 to more than 1 million Btu’s per hour. These furnaces can also achieve fuel efficiency ratings of up to 98.5%! That means your commercial property’s fuel dollar is going almost completely to heating your space — not out of a flue.

Converting a building’s old oilheat boiler to propane gas can similarly yield fantastic efficiency savings.

Propane is Affordable.

Almost all the propane used in the U.S. comes from right without our borders. (Our country became a net exporter of propane in 2011.) While this domestic production does not fully insulate propane’s price from global energy markets, it still makes it more stable than many other heating fuels. Additionally, you can be confident that the domestic supplies of propane are reliable.

Propane Works Where You Do.

There’s no need for a utility to power a propane heating system. Many of the Delaware businesses we serve don’t have access to a natural gas connection. Even those who do often prefer heating equipment powered from an on-site propane tank because they don’t need to worry about system-wide utility outages.

Plus, with a propane-powered standby generator, your commercial property is also protected from all-too-common grid blackouts.

Propane is a Versatile Fuel.

Propane can power many efficient, high-performance systems and appliances. The commercial propane tank that powers your building’s furnace or boiler can also power:

In short, your business enjoys a lot of functionality from one affordable, American-made energy source.

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If your First State commercial property uses propane heating, then the Delaware Propane team can ensure you always have the fuel you need. We are a locally-based retailer with deep ties to the communities we serve. Unlike the national chains, our team is personally committed to your business’s success. We will work closely with you to develop a commercial propane delivery plan tailored to your needs and budget. We are always available to our customers. Our responsive employees will promptly address your last-minute fuel needs to keep your operations moving.

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