Propane Powers Delaware Businesses

Written on: August 22, 2022

Fueling cooktops, generators, crop dryers, and more!

commercial propane delawareWhile you’re surely aware that families across Delaware count on propane to keep their homes safe and comfortable, it’s also an essential fuel for First State businesses.

Commercial ventures that rely on propane include hotels, laundromats, restaurants, construction sites, farms, vineyards, hospitals, and schools. Delaware Propane is proud to supply it to customers throughout our state. Let’s explore some of the ways that propane powers businesses.

Propane ensures comfort in hospitality

Propane produces twice the heat energy as natural gas. It’s much more powerful at generating fast, efficient heat than electricity.

That’s why restaurants, resorts, and hotels prefer propane for their cooktops and ranges. They can get an intense flame and controllable temperature without needing to shoulder the expense of tapping into a natural gas utility.

The same is true for hotel laundries and commercial laundromats. Propane dryers work 25 percent faster than their electric counterparts, all while producing less static electricity and fewer wrinkles!

Hotels also count on propane to heat their rooms, conference centers, and pools and fire up their hearths and fire pits.

Propane supports crops and livestock

So many of the farms, orchards, dairies, and vineyards in Delaware run on propane. Agricultural uses for propane include:

Propane brings heat and power where you need them

Construction sites count on propane-powered generators for electricity. Portable propane heating keeps workers warm and ensures that cement, compound, plaster, and paint dry in the cold.

Many businesses and facilities cannot afford to lose power during a grid failure: schools, hospitals, assisted living centers, and server rooms containing vital data. Propane power generators offer the best backup option. Unlike gasoline, propane won’t lose combustibility, no matter how long it sits in the tank. You’ll always have access to on-demand backup electricity.

As our name suggests, Delaware Propane understands the needs and challenges of our state’s businesses, farms, municipalities, and worksites. We want to bring our experience and insights to your company. Contact us today!