Propane Delivery and Service in Delaware

You can count on Delaware Propane!

propane service in delaware

Propane is an amazingly versatile, energy-efficient, clean-burning and environmentally friendly energy source for Delaware homes and businesses.

Delaware Propane is a local propane company that provides reliable, responsive service that the big propane companies can’t match!

Learn more about our propane services below.

Propane delivery

Propane is an excellent option for home heating, water heating, cooking and more because of its efficiency and versatility. With propane delivery from Delaware Propane, you can benefit from all these amenities with confidence that your propane source will not run out. Our Keep-Full automatic propane-delivery program makes getting your propane easy.

Propane tanks

Our affordable propane-tank leasing offers a wide range of propane tank sizes, so you’ll get the one that is just right for your home and propane needs. We provide expert and safe propane-tank installation, whether your tank is going aboveground or underground.

Easy switching

Looking to change propane-service providers? Delaware Propane makes the switch a piece of cake! We provide first fill and locked-in prices. You also get a FREE tank swap.

Get the reliable, friendly service you deserve with Delaware Propane. Learn More

Commercial propane services

Propane’s versatility and efficiency make it a great energy choice for many businesses here in Delaware. Restaurants, laundromats, commercial laundries, farms and more get personalized delivery and service from us.

Flexible pricing and payment options

When it comes to managing your propane costs, we offer options that work for your life and budget. They include our Budget Plan, Price Cap, PreBuy and AutoPay.

The professionals at Delaware Propane are ready to help you enjoy the benefits of propane. Contact us today with any question you have, and you’ll get the friendly, courteous service that only comes with a local company dedicated to treating its customers like the neighbors you are.

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