Commercial Propane Services in Kent County, Sussex County and New Castle County, DE

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Propane is used by a wide range of businesses in Delaware to ensure their success and growth.

Because we are a local company, Delaware Propane understands the needs of businesses like yours and offers customized propane services to make sure you always have the propane you need. Our responsive, reliable service is something your business won’t get from big national propane companies.

What businesses use propane?

High cooking temperatures, flame for grilling and broiling, and precise and immediate temperature control for better results are among the reasons professional chefs prefer to cook with gas. They can get all of that at their restaurant without having to be connected to a natural-gas line thanks to propane.

Propane is not only used in restaurants. Commercial kitchens at event centers, banquet halls, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, schools, catering companies, churches and other businesses also use it to prepare large amounts of food at a high level of quality.

Some hotels and resorts use propane in ways beyond their kitchens. Propane delivers consistent heating for guest rooms and event/conference rooms. It also powers commercial dryers that dry laundry such as bedding and towels more quickly, with better energy efficiency and fewer wrinkles. Propane can be used for outdoor heating and lighting to create a warm, comfortable ambience.

On farms, propane is used for drying grain as well as other purposes.

Health-care facilities, nursing homes, assisted-living centers, and other businesses also utilize propane for generators that keep essential equipment running.

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