Electric Heat: Not as Clean or Efficient as You Think

Written on: February 14, 2022

Propane: Clean-Burning, Affordable, and Effective

propane vs. electricity delawareWe all want to make the most responsible choices for the planet and our families, and that includes choosing the best heating solution for your home.

These days, many public officials and advocates push all-electric heat as the only green option. Perhaps, you’ve heard that converting your home to an electric heat pump is both clean and efficient, but the facts don’t bear that out.

You see, electricity is neither as clean nor as efficient as you may think. On the contrary, propane is superior to electricity in many ways!

Electric Heat is Not as Sustainable as it Seems

While it might seem intuitive that electricity is cleaner than propane, this isn’t the case. It’s true that electric heat produces no greenhouse gas emissions in a home. However, the way that electricity is produced is far from clean.

63% of electricity comes from burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. These generate huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

When compared with a clean-burning alternative like propane, electricity doesn’t look like a very sustainable option.

Propane Powers Homes More Efficiently and Affordably

Propane is a clean energy alternative that helps Delaware households save money and become more energy efficient.

Consider these benefits:

At Delaware Propane, we value the needs of our customers above all else. Check out some of our fantastic options for Delaware homeowners, like low-cost tank installations and our Keep Full automatic-delivery plan.

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