What Is Commercial Propane Used For?

Written on: November 14, 2022

4 ways this efficient, clean-burning fuel keeps Delaware companies running

bulk propane supplier delaware Delaware Propane provides premium fuel to many companies, construction sites, and agricultural businesses in Kent, Sussex and New Castle Counties. Our commercial propane accounts are diverse. They demonstrate how versatile propane is.

Just as residential propane can power heating, hot water, cooking, clothes drying and numerous other appliances, it serves many functions in commercial ventures. As a domestically-produced, plentiful fuel, it’s always competitively priced. Here are four significant ways that commercial propane is used in Delaware.

1. Commercial systems

Propane can be used for many commercial building applications. It produces double the heating power of natural gas and can be stored in tanks ranging from 125 to 120,000 gallons. Delaware Propane delivers fuel for many business purposes, including the following:

2. Construction sites

Construction is a commercial sector with a strong need for bulk propane. It provides several vital functions on any outdoor work site. Workers need to stay warm as temperatures drop in the fall and winter. Propane can provide robust, reliable outdoor heating. This is also crucial to ensuring that cement, compound, plaster and paint dry and adhere correctly despite temperature fluctuations.
Propane also powers welding tools, earth-moving equipment, generators and forklifts. In short, construction would grind to a halt without it!

3. Agricultural uses

Many farms, orchards, dairies and other agricultural businesses depend on propane for a range of essential needs. These include the following:

Natural gas utilities often don’t reach agricultural businesses, but when you have an on-site propane tank and a dependable propane partner, you can be confident in your fuel supply.

4. Power generation

Electrical grid blackouts have become all too common these days. But many buildings cannot afford to be without power. These include schools, daycares, nursing homes, hospitals and municipal facilities. Delaware Propane provides fuel to these customers and others to power backup generators.

Propane generators are the most dependable backup electricity option around. Unlike gasoline, propane has a virtually unlimited shelf life. And you don’t need to rush to a gas station (which might not be open during a blackout) to fuel your generator. It’s connected to your propane tank and ready to go!

Trust Delaware Propane for your commercial fueling needs

Delaware Propane is a locally-focused company with deep roots in the First State. We know the economy and climate of this region, so you can be sure your business will get the bulk propane it needs — regardless of the challenges or weather.

We’ll work closely with you to determine your exact commercial propane needs and set up a delivery schedule that ensures you never run out. And if you ever need a last-minute fuel delivery, you can feel assured that we’ll be there for you!

Contact Delaware Propane today to get started creating a customized commercial propane plan.