A Guide to Using A Propane Gas Grill

Written on: August 14, 2023

Everything you need to know to start cooking with your gas-fired barbecue.

propane grill Sussex county, de Why do so many backyard chefs prefer grilling with a propane gas grill? It has many advantages over charcoal:

If you just purchased your first propane grill, congratulations! The team at Delaware Propane is here to supply you with fuel and provide answers to your grilling questions.

What kind of propane tank should I get?

Almost all freestanding grills use a 20-pound cylinder. This is the tank size you see at virtually all grill tank exchanges. At Delaware Propane, we offer affordable grill tank refill services that are less expensive than the typical exchange at a home store or gas station. Come down to our office at 2443 S. DuPont Blvd in Smyrna, DE (Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.).

We can also offer advice on attaching your propane cylinder and checking for leaks.

What should I do if my new propane grill doesn’t light?

Today’s propane grills typically have a push-button ignitor, which you hold down while slowly turning the knobs on your grill. You should hear the ignitor click, and your burner will fire up with a row of blue flames. If this doesn’t happen, turn off the burner knob and wait two minutes for the gas to dissipate. If the grill doesn’t light when you try again, there could be issues to address:

  1. Make sure the valve on your propane cylinder is open.
  2. Ensure your cylinder is attached correctly and there are no leaks.
  3. Wipe off any moisture from the burners.
  4. If the ignitor isn’t clicking when you push the button, it might need a new battery.

If addressing these concerns doesn’t fix the problem, consult the vendor who supplied the grill to you.

How often should I clean my propane grill?

After each cooking session, you should clean your grates and racks. Use a stainless steel brush to scrape off any burnt food or other mess after the cooking surface has cooled down.

It’s also a good idea to do a thorough cleaning every six months to prevent the accumulation of grease and other debris that can cause fires. In these cleaning sessions, you should empty the grease trap, remove ashes, and wipe down all grates, racks, burners, heat deflectors and other components.

How long can I grill with one propane cylinder?

With a medium-sized grill, one 20-pound propane cylinder supplies about 18 to 20 hours of cooking time. Larger grills may burn through an entire cylinder in 10 hours.

When the time comes to replenish your grill fuel, come down to Delware Propane for a cylinder refill. And if you have any questions about propane, don’t hesitate to contact our responsive team!

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