What Is a Propane Tank Lease?

Written on: January 15, 2024

Delaware Propane takes the stress out of installing and maintaining your tank.

propane tank Kent County, DE Have you recently added propane heating equipment or other gas appliances to your home that requires a propane tank? Are you looking to make a change from a fuel provider that left you hanging when you needed a propane delivery?

Many homeowners worry about adding propane service or switching propane companies because of the stress of securing a new propane tank.

Luckily, there is a low-cost, low-stress option for homeowners in Kent County and throughout Delaware Propane’s service region: a propane tank lease.

How do you lease a propane tank?

Propane tank leases are a convenient alternative to owning your tank. In essence, you rent a tank from the company that delivers your fuel for a small fee. As long as you’re a customer, the company will handle all the upkeep of that tank, including repairs and replacement if your propane needs increase.

What are the pros of a propane tank lease?

Much like leasing a car, leasing a propane tank is typically more affordable and limits your exposure to the disruptions and sudden expenses that maintaining a tank can bring. Propane tanks can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the amount of fuel storage you need. An established propane supplier like ours has a range of tanks and can help you choose the best tank size.

We also install, connect and safety-test the tank for you. We handle all ongoing maintenance and are there for you if you need an emergency repair. Plus, we can replace your tank if you add more propane appliances.

Are there cons to a propane tank lease?

Most Delaware Propane customers prefer leasing a tank from us, but there are trade-offs involved in leasing versus owning a tank.

The biggest potential downside to a tank lease is that only one propane supplier can fill the tank for you. If you change propane companies, you could potentially face a termination fee and will likely need to get a new tank. Owning a tank means you can choose any propane company you like (though they will probably need to inspect your tank and see proof of ownership). You can also hire any licensed propane technician to maintain and repair your tank. It’s crucial that you do not attempt to service your propane tank yourself. This can lead to gas leaks and other significant safety risks.

Lease a tank with Delaware Propane.

When you choose Delaware Propane as your full-service home comfort provider, you enjoy not only dependable propane delivery but also affordable, no-stress tank leasing. We have tanks in the following sizes:

We’ll work with you to choose a propane tank that matches your fuel usage needs. Then, we’ll install it and make sure it serves your home for years to come. We also offer wireless propane tank monitoring, so you and Delaware Propane can track your fuel usage and ensure you never run out.

Reach out to our team to make the switch to a better propane tank and world-class fuel delivery.

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